For all your advertising/prints on board, foil and canvas!
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Delivery and opening hours around Christmas and New Year's Eve

Company7 is closed during Christmas and New Year's Day, you can of course just order online 😉

Christmas cards with your own print

  • Have your own "personal" Christmas card printed
  • Various sustainable materials
  • Single and double sided lamination
  • High print quality
  • With handy templates

Reindeer from Re-board cardboard

Nice for Christmas, Reindeer from Re-board and Beelite

Download the template, adjust it in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and order your own Christmas tree Reboard 16mm or beelite 16mm.

  • Format: 20 x 67 cm

"With the free templates you will always find something that suits your creative wishes."

  • Forex  a hard, sturdy and yet light material. It is made of a foamed PVC with a light structure.
  • Dibond is sturdy yet light thanks to the special combination of aluminum with a black plastic core. Both materials contain a hard outer layer, which makes it very suitable for printing.
(listening well)

Acoustic panels at Vleesbedrijf Weidenaar in Dokkum

Lieuwe has opted for 7 acoustic panels with a size of 160x230cm, maximum size and therefore maximum result. The canteen is larger than 100 m2 but "there is peace in the tent again" and therefore project successful!


DPI, DP who?

DPI, how much is needed when printing a product at Company7?

Well, I can't just give you one answer.